DK Steel eCatalogue 1


Piano wire refer to produced using high-quality hard steel wire have excellent straightness and are excellent with
no flatness, line chafing and waves. In particular, Drawing machine and heat treatment facilities that determine
the quality of the product are provided to meet the customer’s needs. We secure excellent manpower and
produce various hard-line products with uniform surface lubrication and high-strength hard-line products.


· In general, the Piano steel wire refers to the product of Wire Rod heat treatment (Optional)
    – 1st Cold drawn processing           – Heat treatment(Annealing)                     – 2nd Cold drawn processing 
   Some products are only used for 1st Cold heading processing due to demand.

· Grade:  JIS SWRS 42B, 62A, 62B, 67B, 72A, 72B, 77A, 75A, 75B, 77B, 8A2, 80A, 80B, 82A, 82B 87A, 87B, 92A, 92B, 5.5~10mm

· It is used as a high-end spring with a dynamic load mainly on the engin evalve springs, brake springs, clutch springs and
    compressor springs of real devices, electronic communication devices, automobiles, using 0.6 to 0.9% carbon content.


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10-Hard drawn steel wire