DK Steel eCatalogue 1

Cold Drawn Bar


CD-bar is high-quality steel bar that is processed and calibrated to give precision and straightness
of surface tissue and dimensions while cold-drawing annealing rolled wire to a certain dimension.


·Hot rolled steel and used for structures such as construction, bridges, ships, and vehicles


· It has the advantage of the mechanical properties of carbon steel ( tension strength, hardness,  yield point)
    and is produced for secondary processing
· Usage : Bolts, Nuts, Pins, Shaft, Steer system

· Alloy steel is made by hot rolling and is often used for secondary mechanical structure.
· Usage : Automotive bumper, OA device, home appliances, Grille covers

· Stainless steel bar is highly corrosion resistant, strong against external shocks, and low heat treatment hardening
     for easy use in poor environments

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