DK Steel eCatalogue 1


We are
a company
that meets
customer needs.

Global Integrated Wire Rod Company

First-Class Quality
Advancement of Technology
Simplification of Process

CEO Message

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our customers for working together to create
the future of Dong Kyung Steel Wire.
Since its establishment in 1999, we have been a professional manufacturer of steel wire rods.
We have established stable relationships of trust with our business partners, and as a symbiotic partner,
we have achieved remarkable growth both in Japan and overseas through continuous quality improvement
and technological development cooperation.
We manufacture and supply products that meet these needs by proactively and aggressively coping
with the sudden changes in the external environment, which include production of high-quality products
that meet customer needs, efficient management stability, and cost reduction.
We also do our best to make a reasonable and efficient post-management and satisfaction.
We will devote ourselves to R&D as a company that can contribute to the environment of the coming future,
and strengthen the structural system for customer satisfaction.
We would like to once again thank the customers who have spared us trust and love for Dong Kyung Steel Wire.
We will always listen to you and be with you.

CEO Il-Kyung Sung